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NEXT at BAS Junior! The House of Thrills & Chills (707) 649-1053 Written by Michael Druce Directed by Stacey Loew WHERE? Bay Area Stage Theatre 515 Broadway Street, Suite ‘H’ Vallejo, CA 94590 Performances are: April 5, 6 & 7, 2024
There’s nothing quite like a haunted house for some Halloween thrills and chills, and this one will be just as much fun for your cast and crew as it will be for your audience! Brady and his friends have been sponsoring a haunted house every year since high school, raising money for a good cause. This year they hit the jackpot when they got permission to use the old deserted mansion outside of town. As the play opens, their haunted house has just concluded a very successful run, but now it’s late and the ten of them are exhausted. They decide to go home and come back refreshed the next day to clean up. That is, if they can get home. In classic horror film fashion, the group discovers that the van won’t start, the phone line has been cut, there is no cell phone coverage, and a storm is moving in. Haunted house skeptic Ginger is certain she is the object of a practical joke. Then, after receiving a bump on the head, the imaginary thrills and chills of the haunted house become frighteningly real.